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Libby's Listening Tour

I’m holding extra pop-up offices until the end of the year as part of my “Listening Tour”, so that I can meet locals and hear their concerns!

The Greens are currently reviewing our policies and priorities for the next election, so as well as local concerns I'm interested to hear what you think we should be focusing on.

As the Greens federal spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities, I’m particularly interested in your ideas for what our cities need as we grow.

Pop-up offices are an informal way to raise concerns with me, so no matter whether it's a personal difficulty, local issue in the community, or a big picture concern, you're welcome to come along and have a coffee on me.

My team and I will also be out and about over the coming months, knocking on doors to hear directly from locals about what they'd like me to focus on.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events!

There are currently no upcoming events.