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Moggill-Bellbowrie needs a new high school

The Moggill-Bellbowrie area needs a new high school. This has been evident for many years, but as the area densifies and traffic on Moggill Road has only gotten worse, it's more important than ever that the State Government takes action on finding a site and building a school.

A new high school in this area would likely service Moggill, Bellbowrie, Anstead, Pullenvale and Pinjarra Hills, reducing enrolment pressures on Kenmore State High School and Indooroopilly.

Because so many students head to school in Kenmore and Indooroopilly, term-time traffic pressures on Moggill Road are worse than ever. A local school to the Moggill-Bellbowrie area would allow hundreds of students to walk and more to take public transport, making it quicker and easier to get to school while easing the demand on Moggill Road.

The Moggill-Bellbowrie area has been ignored by governments while its population has grown and the need for local services has only grown more apparent.

It's time for the Education Minister to take this need seriously and put a new school for Moggill-Bellbowrie on the agenda. A number of possible sites have already been discussed in the community, including the current Bellbowrie Plaza site, or the largely unused UQ Pinjarra Hills campus, on the eastern side of Pinjarra road - but ultimately it should be up to the Queensland Department of Education to identify possible sites and assess their feasibility.

Use the form here to send an email to the Queensland Education Minister and demand a new public high school for Moggill-Bellbowrie!