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Samford Road Needs a BUZ

Samford Road is desperately lacking a high-frequency bus service.

Other arterial roads on the west side have high frequency BUZ services, but for some reason Samford Road has been left out, leaving thousands of people in densifying areas with poor access to public transport.

A high frequency BUZ would support thousands of residents to get in and out of the city, and connect with popular local destinations like the Great Western and Brookside shopping centres, the Blackwood Street precinct, as well as schools, parks, and sports fields.

An easy to catch bus where you don’t need a timetable will give people the freedom to leave their cars at home, reducing congestion.

My proposal is for what I’m calling the 390 BUZ – this would be an extension to the existing 390 Bus route, along Samford Road all the way to Ferny Grove train station and Upper Kedron, and upgrading the frequency. This is just one example of what the route could look like, but any high-frequency service along the majority of Samford Road should be investigated.


What’s a ‘BUZ’, and what do you mean by “high-frequency service”?

  • A BUZ is an easy to catch service where you don’t need a timetable. They run 6am-11:30pm, every 10 minutes or less during commuter peak periods, and 15 minutes or less outside peak times.

The train line is already close by – doesn’t that mean the area already has high-frequency public transport?

  • The train line runs to the north of Samford Rd, and it’s not reasonable for people to cross a busy road and walk much further to get to the train station. Samford Rd is densifying with new developments – better buses along this route will support existing and new residents alike.

Isn’t there a shortage of bus drivers?

  • The Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council should work together to support the conditions of bus drivers, increase the pay and make it a more attractive profession.

This service wouldn’t help me because I live too far away from Samford Road. Why should I care?

  • If you live down the side streets away from Samford Road, it’s fair enough that it may be too far, inconvenient or inaccessible for you to get to a high-frequency bus! This kind of bus route would take cars off the road which improves congestion for everyone, even if you still have to drive. It may be a good idea for your area to have a feeder bus as well that makes it easier for people to get to a high-frequency service like the 390 BUZ or the train station.

We need more cross-suburb services, not just in and out of the city.

  • That’s definitely true! We need more public transport services that get people between suburbs. This area already functions as a linear corridor between the city and Ferny Grove/Upper Kedron, so there would be a huge benefit for so many locals accessing popular local services just along Samford Road, with just this one modified bus route.

It’d still be cheaper for me to drive than take the bus!

  • Public transport should be free – this would make it more attractive to take public transport and reduce household expenses, which is especially impactful given the rising cost of living.

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We, the undersigned, call on the Queensland Government to fund a high-frequency bus route along Samford Road.

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