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The Greens movement relies on people power - everyday people like you, doing their bit to make positive change.

That's how we won Ryan in 2022.

The LNP have already named Ryan as a target seat, because they know they need to win it back to form government. We can't let that happen.

They're already funding billboards and attack ads against us. Countering that needs the biggest showing of people power the West Side has ever seen. 

As well as campaigning to re-elect Elizabeth at the next federal election, we're trying to show people that politics can be done differently, with initiatives that make a real difference in people's lives, like the Ryan Community Pantry, Back to School grants, and the 2023 Elizabeth's Elves Christmas appeal. In 2024 we'll be adding Community Meals into the mix. We want to host informal, friendly gatherings where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a free meal and meet their neighbours. We'd love your help to make it happen.

Sign up to volunteer today. 

Will you volunteer?