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Free community pantry

My office is proud to host a free community pantry stocked with food and other basics - open for anyone who needs something to come by and grab it.

With cost-of-living pressures only increasing, and while wages and income support payments have stagnated, more people than ever need a hand and there's no shame in that. Governments aren't doing enough, and I believe we need to build resilient and caring communities who can enact mutual aid in this current crisis and into the future.

If you need anything from the pantry, you're more than welcome to come and grab what you need - no need to ask.

My office is at 188 Moggill Road in Taringa, and the pantry is outside and available 24/7.

We're able to provide some baseline stock for the pantry, but we're relying on donations from the community to meet the need. If you're in a place to be able to donate something for the pantry, it's a fantastic way to directly support a neighbour in need. If you need to chat to any of my team about making a donation, the office is open 9am-5pm weekdays, so come on in, or contact us by email or phone.

The kinds of donations that are best are:

  • Cereal, biscuits, cup-of-soup or noodles, long life milk, nut butter
  • Canned food such as lentils, beans, or tuna
  • Staples such as rice or pasta with various sauces and flavourĀ sachets so people can make a full meal out of what's in the cupboard
  • Toiletries and basic cleaning/ self care items like toothbrush & toothpaste, soap or shampoo
  • Baby supplies like food pouches, baby wipes, or nappies

Please be sure any donations are unopened and not expired.

Libby puts a bag of Jasmine rice inside the Community Pantry, outside the electorate office.