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Federal Issues

I was elected in 2022 because the voters in Ryan wanted change. They are tired of the same old empty promises from both major parties, and sick of billionaires and corporations buying influence with donations.

I will never take donations from billionaires. I'll fight to make them pay tax, and for the government to invest in everyday Australians instead of propping up the profits of private industry. We can afford to make sure every Australian enjoys a good life, so I'm fighting for what matters to Australians. 

Integrity in Infrastructure Funding

Protecting our infrastructure from corporate influence Infrastructure decisions shouldn't be influenced by corporations who stand to gain from them. From key energy infrastructure to new transport projects, big infrastructure decisions have enormous...
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Bring Qantas back into public ownership

I've called on the government to consider bringing Qantas back into public hands because under private management, customers were not being served but executives were giving themselves million-dollar pay cheques. Qantas was...
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