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Help fight flight noise in 2024

UPDATE: Our campaign for a Senate inquiry has been successful!

For too long residents in Brisbane, and around the country have been ignored, dismissed and ridiculed by state and federal governments, and their mates in the for-profit aviation sector, for simply wanting a good night’s sleep.

Flight noise-affected communities have been given the absolute run around by regulators like Airservices Australia, who have promised review after review with little to no effect on noise levels.

We can’t rely on the airports and airlines themselves to fix this issue, despite their misleading rhetoric to the contrary.

With this Senate inquiry proposed by the Greens, the Senate now has the opportunity to shine a light on the corruption, deceit and false promises inflicted on noise-affected communities by airports, regulators and airlines.

The proposed motion text is as follows:

Senator Rice: To move—That the following matter be referred to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee for inquiry and report by 8 October 2024: 

The impact and mitigation of aircraft noise on residents and business in capital cities and regional towns, with particular reference to:

  1. the effect of aircraft noise on amenity, physical and mental wellbeing and everyday life of residents;
  2. the effect of aircraft noise on small business;
  3.  any proposals for the mitigation and limitation of aircraft noise, including flight curfews, changes to flight paths and alternatives to air travel;
  4. any barriers to the mitigation and limitation of aircraft noise; and
  5. any other related matters.

I’ve included a template here for you to email your Queensland Senators asking them to support this inquiry. Please be sure to customise the text for maximum impact.