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Free Education for Life

We know that a high quality education, from early childhood through to university, that is accessible to all, is the way to increase equality and maximise opportunity. The Greens’ plan to support education starts with free high-quality early childhood education and public schools right up to free university and TAFE. More than that, we will abolish current student debts, and restore the TAFE system which has been privatised under the LNP and Labor.

I went to university when it was free, and that gave me opportunities I could never have had with today's fees. For Ryan, our plan means better funding for our amazing public schools and removes the burden of debt from everyone who aspires to higher education.

Education is a right, not a privilege; it is a social good, not a cost. As Australia undertakes an economic transition to clean energy industries and establishes itself in the global knowledge economy, an educated workforce will be essential. Other advanced nations, such as Germany, see free, universal education as an investment in their people, and Australia should do the same.

Some of the priorities in the Greens' plan include:

  • Make kindergarten and childcare free for all
  • Make public schools genuinely free by ending out-of-pocket fees
  • Hire 13,000 extra teachers and reduce class sizes
  • Increase security for university staff

You can read more about the plan here.