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Build a footbridge behind The Gap SHS

Community members have raised with me a proposal to put in a footbridge over Enoggera Creek at the cycleway near Tandara Street, behind The Gap State High School. Many students cross the creek here to get to school, but when the creek is flooded, they will either be forced to walk through the flooded waters or be forced to add an additional 20 or more minutes to their walk.

Governments should be doing what they can to encourage students to walk or cycle to school as much as possible, which has health benefits, and reduces car travel and congestion. To do this it needs to be easy and safe to travel by foot or bike, which it isn’t when the creek runs over. Enoggera Creek has flooded several times over the last couple of years, so a solution that ensures students have safe access to The Gap SHS even when there’s been some rain is crucial.

It’s common sense that we should have a footbridge crossing the creek at or near the bikeway near Tandara Street.

I’ve written to the local Councillor for The Gap Ward and requested that he push for this project to be in Brisbane City Council’s next budget. To back this up, it's important we can show strong community support for this proposal.

Safe, walkable neighbourhoods are a wonderful thing, and we should support this principle wherever we can.

Sign my petition to show your support for a footbridge to ensure students have safe and easy pedestrian access to their school.

150 Signatures

125 Signatures

Will you sign?

We the undersigned call on Brisbane City Council to include the construction of a footbridge behind The Gap State High School near Tandara St in the next budget.

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