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Greens in Balance of Power

Electing more Greens representatives to parliament will make the next government better. By winning just a few more seats the Greens will be in a powerful position in the next parliament. We will use that as leverage to push for stronger action on climate change, and improved public services that benefit all Australians and reduce everyday living expenses.

The balance of power occurs when one party doesn’t have the numbers to create a government, and so rely on the support of others to do so. For example, the Liberals rely on the Nationals to form a coalition government. Last time the Labor Party was in power, they relied on the Greens and Independents. If Elizabeth Watson-Brown and other Greens are elected, we will have more influence than a Government or Opposition backbencher.

Labor and the LNP have patchy records in keeping true to their promises on issues like climate action, corruption reform, treatment of refugees, and healthcare. Democracy is strengthened by having a third party hold governments to account.