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Inequitable Grants - ICAC Now

Since 2019, Ryan has received $3.9M in federal government community grants, but the neighbouring electorates received 8-10 times more, Brisbane with $30.2M and Dickson $43.6M. It seems unlikely this large difference is based on need and merit alone.

These grants should be based on merit, be more evenly distributed, with more transparency in grant processes, and with better justified decisions. A federal corruption watchdog with teeth would help to stop these rorts. We need a Federal ICAC to hold all politicians to account.

The Greens’ bill to establish a national integrity commission has already passed the Senate. If the LNP were serious about integrity and honesty, they would have already put this bill to a vote in the House of Representatives.

Read more about the Greens' plan for a national integrity commission with teeth here.