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Public Forum: Integrity in Politics

Australia has an integrity crisis. The last 8 years of government has seen an intensifying cycle of rorts, pork barrelling and corruption in which public funds that should be used to support the needs of all Australians is funnelled towards the corporate mates of our politicians, with their dirty donations buying influence over our democracy.

Ten years ago Transparency International ranked Australia as number 7 of 180 countries on their Corruption Perceptions Index. In 2021 we had dropped to number 18. Scandals that once would have resulted in resignations and demotions of the responsible minister are now routinely ignored until the media moves on.

But changing the government, and the corrupt practices they’ve normalised, won't be a simple fix.

We need to take action on corruption and restore integrity so that politics and our politicians work for people again. Join us at this public forum to hear more about the issues surrounding integrity in politics, what we can do to fix it, and ask your questions of our guests.

We'll be joined by:

- Larissa Waters, Greens Senator for Queensland

Senator Waters is responsible for the Democracy portfolio, under which the Greens are committed to reforming political donations, ending corruption, and giving people a say in how Australian government works.

- Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar

Michael Berkman is committed not only to working for his constituents in Maiwar but also addressing the impacts of profit-driven development and a broken political system by reforming the way Parliament works.

- A J Brown, Transparency International Australia and Professor of Public Policy & Law at Griffith University

Professor Brown is the leader of the Centre for Governance & Public Policy’s public integrity and anti-corruption research program, a board member of Transparency International Australia and a leading researcher into public integrity and governance reform.

Doors open at 6pm for a 6:30 start.

April 21, 2022 at 6:00pm - 9pm
UQ - Forgan Smith Building - 01-E109
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