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Community Say on Kooya Road Development

What would you like to see at 76 Kooya Rd? Fill in my 3-min survey

You may have heard about the proposed development at 76 Kooya Road in Mitchelton. This site used to be known as Hungerford Farm, but now there is a Development Application with Brisbane City Council to put in 92 subdivisions.

Quite a few locals have gotten in touch with concerns about this proposal, including that it is a density greater than the Neighbourhood Plan, puts homes in a fire risk zone, and removes a lot of green space.

As it stands, the Council development assessment officer has asked the developers for more information on a range of issues where the Development Application falls short, including:

  • Bushfire, biodiversity and flooding impacts
  • Minimum public park land area
  • Verge size
  • Earthworks and drainage impacts

In the meantime, Brisbane City Council has resolved to try to purchase the site and turn it into a public park and bushland reserve. I wanted to let you know I’ve written to the Local Councillor and expressed my support for the Council to purchase the site. Public ownership means it can be used for the benefit of the community, rather than developer profit.

My initial feeling is that this site should retain a large section of public parkland, but could also include a percentage of the site set aside for affordable housing and community facilities. Crucially, any development of the land should be accompanied by an improvement to public and active transport infrastructure in the area.

My key message is that it should be up to the community to decide the best use of this site. Meaningful consultation with local residents has to occur. To start collecting people’s ideas and concerns about the development so that I know what to advocate for, I’ve put together a 3-minute survey.

Fill in the survey here.

Together, we can push for a better outcome for the Kooya Road site.