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Fighting for Light Rail in our Cities

The Government has chronically underfunded public transport in our cities. For many right across Australia, getting around on public transport is frustrating and slow and for others, it just isn't an option at all. We need to re-think transport in our cities and fund projects that connect people and communities together. We should be investing in public transport to reduce emissions, bust congestion and make our cities pedestrian-friendly. 

We need to start designing cities that centre people, not cars and light rail projects are a great way to reduce our reliance on private vehicles. Alongside increasing the investment in bus and train routes, cities should integrate light rail where feasible into their transport corridors to better connect communities. 

People should have the freedom to leave their cars at home and hop on frequent, free and reliable public transport that can take them where they need to go. We can re-imagine the way we think about transport in Brisbane. It doesn't have to be a slog to get across the city, we can design well-connected transport corridors that are fast and reliable. Brisbane used to have trams and I know for many it's a time steeped in nostalgia, travelling along streets that were lined with pedestrians and not parked cars. 

As part of my work as the Australian Greens' Transport, Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure spokesperson, I have put together these concept images of a modern light rail proposal for Brisbane, starting with the L1 Line, from Upper Mt Gravatt to Hamilton Northshore.