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New Bus Route for the West Side

It's no secret that public transport in Brisbane is inadequate to say the least. In addition to the absurd cost and the poor reliability and frequency, one of the key issues is that the nearly all of the routes are 'radial' (they go directly in and out of the city centre). That means that if you want to get just one or two suburbs over from you, you normally have to catch a bus or train into the city and then back out again. This takes an enormous amount of time, so most people just drive.

I think that needs to change.

One proposal that aims at fixing this problem on the west side is The Greens idea of a new 'B6' bus route, a new high-frequency route from Enoggera to Indooroopilly. The proposed route would mostly follow Met Road 5 and provide an important North–South connection for the Westside, without having to go through the city. This also means that more people will have a direct connection to key train stations and shopping areas.

We're pushing to get the Council and state governments to fund this route.

Email me if you have feedback on this route proposal! Would you use it? Would you like to see a change in the exact route it would take? The more feedback the better we will be able to fight for this proposal and win it!