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Stop the Funding Cuts to our Unis

Education should be free and easily available to all Australians, yet years upon years of cuts and fee hikes have turned our tertiary education sector into a machine that churns out students with tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

Many members of Parliament, including Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese, went to uni for free, yet the LNP and Labor want to pull the ladder up from under them.

Fully funding our universities and TAFEs would:

  • Improve the quality of education at these institutions
  • End profit-seeking decision-making causing more damage to certain courses, especially humanities and the arts
  • Send graduates out into the workforce without thousands of dollars in debt
  • Stop the increase in work casualisation and protect staff jobs
  • Make it easier for people to attend tertiary education regardless of background

Use our template below to contact your representatives and the Minister for Education and tell them to Stop the Cuts!