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Tackle the Climate Crisis

In recent years we have seen with our own eyes and in our own neighbourhoods precisely what a changing climate means—more frequent, recurring and serious threats to safety, health and normal life.

Australians want to see action on climate change to mitigate these risks, yet the federal Government’s stalling has kept us amongst the world’s worst per capita emitters and Labor’s current plans are weaker than at the last election. The Greens are the only party taking to this election a serious emissions reduction target that is in line with the science.

The Greens are free to take climate action because we don’t take donations from coal and gas corporations, and we are the only party with a detailed plan of how to achieve these goals in a fair and timely way.

Australia can become a leading global exporter of zero emissions energy, while also establishing itself as a major supplier of zero carbon metals like green steel and aluminium.

Every major scientific body in the world supports decisive, rapid and urgent climate action, but only the Greens have an emissions reduction target for 2030 that is consistent with what’s required to limit warming to 1.5°C or 2.0°C.

The Greens' plan includes concrete and viable strategies to achieve this target while supporting workers and our economy, including:

  • Establish a $2.8 billion transition fund to assist workers and communities with the transition to a clean energy future.
  • Invest $15 billion in a manufacturing revival, including kick-starting electric vehicle and Green Metals manufacturing in Australia.
  • Large-scale public investment in renewable energy and storage, to replace coal-fired power plants.
  • Create jobs in land restoration and carbon drawdown activities.
  • Invest $241m in Ryan’s public and active transport.

You can read more of the strategies here and here, along with details of the savings that can be enacted to pay for this investment in our future.