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Public Transport

I'm the Greens' portfolio holder for Transport, Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities. As a former architect, I know we can design better systems than the ones we have. Transport is one of the largest contributors to Australia’s carbon emissions, so to tackle the climate crisis, we need to re-think transport. For too long, our cities have been designed for cars, not people. That's made us unhealthy, our streets congested and unsafe, and stopped us from investing in alternatives. 

Calling for a 12-month trial of free public transport

In April 2023, with petrol prices set to soar once again thanks to OPEC reducing production, I called on the federal government to implement a 12-month trial of free public transport across the country in their May budget.

The Case For Free and Frequent Public Transport

On 16 April, I held a forum at UQ where I, along with other public transport advocates, made the case for free and frequent public transport. It's cheaper than you'd imagine (much less than the cost of one Olympic stadium. 

Why the federal government should invest in public transport

In my seat of Ryan, traffic congestion is a major headache for residents. Moggill Rd, one of the main roads in the electorate, is one of the worst roads in Australia for congestion. 

In February 2023, I spoke in Parliament about the need for federal government to play a greater role in funding public transport.

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Free public transport

In August 2022, as fuel prices soared into the $2/l zone, I spoke in Parliament about the benefit of reducing or removing fees for public transport, as Germany and other places have done. 

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The Ryan Transport Survey

Having lived in the area for most of my life, I didn’t need to be told that traffic is an issue in Ryan. Over the decades, as I’ve raised my kids and seen my grandkids grow up in the area, the issues we’re facing have only gotten worse. One of the first things I did as the member for Ryan, was conduct a detailed survey of the traffic and transport issues facing my large and geographically diverse electorate, which includes urban and rural-type landscapes. 

You can read the full report or add your thoughts