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My Vision for Transport on the West Side

Having lived in the area for most of my life, I didn’t need to be told that traffic is an issue in Ryan. Over the decades, as I’ve raised my kids and seen my grandkids grow up in the area, the issues we’re facing have only gotten worse.

The federal government regularly partners with state and local government to deliver public transport upgrades, and I believe they should have a greater role in funding transport solutions that mean that residents can spend less time in traffic and more time with their families. I will also use my voice to push Brisbane City Council and the Queensland State Government to deliver better transport outcomes.

I'd like to see transport on the West Side prioritise the solutions that take cars off the road and make our suburbs nice to live in, that means easy access to reliable public transport as well as safe cycling and walkability.

Ryan Transport improvements 

A Western Busway

I've joined State MP for Maiwar Michael Berkman in calling for a Western Busway, with dedicated bus lanes on the Centenary Motorway between Darra, Mt Ommaney, Indooroopilly and Toowong. This would make it much easier to run fast, frequent buses. Michael and I made a joint submission to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads about this busway in March 2023. More information about our Western Busway proposal can be found on Michael's website here.

Cycleway along Moggill Road

Proposed changes to the Kenmore Roundabout fell through, leaving no extra solution for traffic at this congestion hotspot. When the State Government announced that they'd begin work on a Moggill Road cycleway from Indooroopilly through Chapel Hill and beyond, I called on the federal Transport Minister to transfer previously allocated funding to stay in the local area by working with the State Government on the Moggill Road cycleway.

Safe Walkability in The Gap

Many constituents have been in touch with me with their concerns about safe walkability around The Gap. One suggestion has been building a footbridge behind The Gap State High School so kids can get to school safely, even if the creek is flooded (currently, they will either have to wade through water or take another 20 minutes walking to go around!). Another issue is at the front of the school, on Waterworks Road. This is one of the only schools in the city to not have a 40 km/h School Zone. At the end of the school day, hundreds of kids flood out of the school and face traffic that's far too quick - this needs to be addressed.

Bus and Active Transport Bridge for Moggill-Bellbowrie

A bus bridge from Moggill-Bellbowrie over the river could connect people via Riverhills to the train station at Darra, creating an alternate route into the city, away from congested Moggill Road. I've also been calling for better public services including a new high school in the Moggill-Bellbowrie area, which would mean people wouldn't have to travel so far for their basic needs, reducing traffic. You can read more about my ideas and consultation on the future of Moggill-Bellbowrie here.

Frequent Bus Services on All Major Roads

The West Side has been neglected when it comes to planning for bus routes. All major roads should have a high-frequency service, making it competitive to catch a bus rather than drive. Alongside feeder buses to train stations, and local loops, we need a bus network that can efficiently take people from where they are to where they need to go.

If there are any local priorities you think I should be advocating for, please get in touch with my team at [email protected].

Results of the Ryan Transport Survey

820 residents from across Ryan filled in the survey, which is a great indicator of the overall issues in the electorate. With any proposals for change in local areas, representatives at all levels should engage in detailed consultation to get their input. That’s why I’m focussing on the broad, structural changes that will impact people across Ryan.

You can read the full 9-page report here.

I cover the responses we received about congestion, street safety, public transport, footpaths and cycleways, and make some recommendations on how all levels of government can collaborate to fix transport on the West Side.

The Case for Free and Frequent Public Transport

In the Ryan Transport Survey, 72% of respondents agreed that the government should trial a period of free public transport across Australia. Public transport is already 70-80% subsidised by state and territory governments. The federal government regularly signs funding agreements to deliver essential services like health and education for free. We could also make public transport free if the federal government contributed the remaining costs that would have been covered by ticket expenses.

In April 2023, I called on the government to enact a 12-month trial of free public transport and held a public forum discussing why we should be making public transport free and frequent. More on that here.