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Ryan Transport

Results of the Ryan Transport Survey

Having lived in the area for most of my life, I didn’t need to be told that traffic is an issue in Ryan. Over the decades, as I’ve raised my kids and seen my grandkids grow up in the area, the issues we’re facing have only gotten worse. 

Now that I’m your federal MP, I see my role as advocating for our community on issues of all kinds, and liaising with all levels of government to do so. Federal money goes into transport via “Black Spot” safety funding and support for specific infrastructure projects. I believe the federal government should have a greater role in funding transport solutions that mean that residents can spend less time in traffic and more time with their families.

820 residents from across Ryan filled in the survey, which is a great indicator of the overall issues in the electorate. With any proposals for change in local areas, representatives at all levels should engage in detailed consultation to get their input. That’s why I’m focussing on the broad, structural changes that will impact people across Ryan.

You can read the full 9-page report here.

I cover the responses we received about congestion, street safety, public transport, footpaths and cycleways, and make some recommendations on how all levels of government can collaborate to fix transport on the West Side.

We've left the survey open, so if you have any issues to report you can still fill in the survey here. Otherwise, get in touch with the office as we're happy to hear out your concerns and help where we can.

The Case for Free and Frequent Public Transport

In the survey, 72% of respondents agreed that the government should trial a period of free public transport across Australia. Public transport is already 70-80% subsidised by state and territory governments. The federal government regularly signs funding agreements to deliver essential services like health and education for free. We could also make public transport free if the federal government contributed the remaining costs that would have been covered by ticket expenses.

Come along to this free public forum on April 16 with myself, Michael Berkman State MP for Maiwar, and other expert guests to hear about how we can win free and frequent public transport for everyone.